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Nothing can ruin your day faster than getting pulled over by the cops and getting a ticket. Take a look at these tips to avoid getting pulled over.
Don’t Lower Or Modify Your Car – Police love to pull over cars that are lowered to the ground, have tinted windows and are modified. If you want to modify your car keep in mind that you are going to be pulled over more, no question about it.
Keep Your Music Level Low – Blasting loud music is against the law.  Laws may vary depending on state and locality. If you must blast music try to avoid blasting gangsta rap or rap music since some cops incorrectly assume that anyone who listens to rap must be a criminal. Our dealership at used cars bloomington offers great prices on new and used autos.
Current Registration – Make sure that you have your registration sticker attached to your license plate as required via law. You also need to keep a copy of your registration card in your vehicle as cops will ask for it.
Proof Of Insurance – Keep your insurance card in your car at all times.  Check to see if has expired  Sometimes insurance companies will forget to send you a new one and you won’t even notice it until you get pulled over by the cops.
Obey All Traffic Laws – Remember, cops can pull you over for anything. Don’t give them a reason to do so! Avoid making illegal turns, illegal u-turns, and don’t change lanes without using your signal lights. Don’t go more than 5 miles over the speed limit. Law enforcement can pull you over for the tiniest infraction such as driving 6 miles over the speed limit.
Maintenance – I’ve seen some cars on the road that have their bumpers taped on and others that almost have parts falling part. Cars that are broken down and almost falling apart attract the attention of cops. Keep your car clean as well on the exterior; a dirty and unkempt car attracts more attention. Take a look at nissan orange county for a large selection of autos for sale.
Don’t Drive A Red Car – If you really don’t want to get pulled over by the cops, avoid buying a red car at all costs! People just assume that drivers of red cars drive fast; the color is associated with fast sports cars. Take a look at car repair corte madera for excellent deals on auto service, repair and collision services in San Rafael, Marin, San Franciscon and the Bay Area.
Written by Miss JX Starrs