With covered car transport, car owners ship their cars to and from faraway locations, both quickly and safely. There are many advantages to enclosed transportation, in spite of the extra cost, and many customers choose enclosed transportation over open transportation. Customers should verify how cars are loaded onto trucks, and should confirm whether transportation is terminal-to-terminal, or door-to-door. A reputable company will offer proof of licensure, and proof of insurance.
Shipping a car via enclosure has several advantages. Cars traveling on an open truck may be subject to damage from debris, road grime, and dirt, while enclosed cars are protected from road hazards. Owners may pay between thirty and fifty percent more for enclosure, but many car owners believe that the extra expense is justified, because it brings peace of mind.
Customers use enclosed carriers for a variety of purposes. Enclosed carriers may ship new, luxury, collectible, and antique cars, or they may ship just regular, domestic vehicles. Customers who are shipping households across the country may choose enclosed transportation. Other good candidates for enclosed transportation may be customers who are shipping their cars to car shows.
Cars will be shipped either via train or enclosed trailer. With trains, owners have very limited transportation options, so most opt for trailer transportation. Operators lift cars onto trailers utilizing lift gates or tow cables. Once cars are on the truck, tires are secured utilizing soft-tie straps, or chains.
Customers will need to decide on either door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping. Door-to-door shipping costs more, but serves as a good option for people who have no way to get to a terminal, to pick up their vehicle. Terminal-to-terminal transportation saves money, and allows car owners to pick up and drop off vehicles at their convenience, knowing they will be stored at a secure location.
Owners may find quotes for enclosed car shipping online. Sometimes, websites list quotes from a single company; at other times, websites list quotes from multiple companies, allowing customer to compare and choose the best offer. Only companies which are licensed and insured should be considered, and proof of licensure and insurance may be obtained from the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association.
Damage during the shipping process is always a possibility, no matter how good the carrier. For this reason, owners should thoroughly inspect their cars when they pick them up, and should write down any damage on the bill of lading, for insurance documentation. If car owners do some research, and take some precautions, they will have a great experience with covered car transport.