Get Even More Organized By Combining Wireless Technologies

Modern technology is a wonderful thing , especially when so many technologies can now work together. A good example is high speed wireless internet and the smart phone. Simply plugging into this technology means that you have all you need at your fingertips. For example, people use their smart phones as their personal appointment and address books. Being able to get online wirelessly means that appointments can be synchronized between their phones and say a home computer. In this way, users are sure to never miss an appointment. An alarm can even be set to go off days, hours or minutes before an appointment or event occurs.

Using this technology for contacts means only the quickest access to addresses, phone numbers and emails. In fact, anyone can pull up a contact and send an email directly from their contact list to the intended recipient. It is this kind of technological synergy that allows the modern individual to be extremely organized.


Finding A New Job By Using The Internet

Finding a job used to involve getting out the newspaper and spending a lot of time reviewing all of the numerous help wanted ads, hoping to find the right position. Sometimes, this method would mean it was difficult to know exactly where to look because there were so many different categories listed.  But today, all of that information is available with just a few clicks online. Job sites like Monster are updated on a daily basis, and not just on certain days like your local newspaper may be. You can sort potential jobs by industry, area, salary requirements, and even by zip code. You can search job databases by making use of key words that best describe your qualifications. And the best news is that you can apply online immediately, knowing that your application will be forwarded to the right department and the right person. Every job search should begin with a fast connection from internet providers in your city.


Have You Ever Thought Of Being A Blog Writer?

Writing a blog can be lots of fun. And for some, it can turn out to be very profitable. Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman, started a blog about life on an Oklahoma cattle ranch into a must-read for millions. Her blog ended up producing several best-selling books and a television show. Wouldn’t it be fun to have all of that happen from one humble blog beginning? Well, anyone who is online can start their own blog and write on any subject that they want to. You might think that no one will be interested in what you are writing about, but you could be very surprised. If your find something fascinating, there are most likely many other people out there who will also find it fascinating. So why not get started and have some fun? Who knows – you may become an overnight sensation.

Which Internet Connection Is Best For Online Gaming?

The ability to completely immerse yourself in a virtual world is what has caused millions around the world to play online games like World of Warcraft. But some of them require a really fast internet connection. Usually, the more high-quality graphics a game has, the better connection you will require in order to get the full experience. A fiber optic connection is the fastest one available today, and is likely best for smooth gameplay. Among the advantages of a fiber optic internet connection is the fact that data can travel for longer distances without needing to be refreshed. Also, fiber optic has a much higher resistance to electromagnetic disturbance from nearby sources like television cables or radios. Fiber optic cable is also used to provide high quality television viewing and phone service.

NSA Reveals Just How Much Internet It Can Touch With Help Of Quest Internet And Other Providers

The NSA has once again released information that many say points even further to the existence of a surveillance state in the U.S. As if it weren’t bad enough with the information leaked by Edward Snowden regarding the telephone metadata being collected by the NSA as well as a PRISM program designed to find information from internet service company servers, the news just keeps getting worse. Last month, the existence of XKeyscore was revealed, which allows email and other online communications to be intercepted by the NSA. And now, a new Wall Street Journal Report says that the NSA’s reach is actually much wider than anyone thought.

According to their recent report, the Wall Street Journal says that the NSA actually has the capacity to reach as much as 75% of all internet traffic flowing in the United States. This is a sobering thought, considering the NSA’s repeated assurances that it only targets foreigners as far as its spying programs are concerned, but does sometimes retain communications between United States citizens. In 2002 during that year’s Winter Olympics, the NSA actually arranged for intercept equipment from Quest internet. The purpose of this was to monitor all email and text communications in Salt Lake City for security reasons.

Design Project Shows How Much Information Travels Over The Internet Each Second

If you’ve ever wondered how many emails are being sent around the world right now, or how many YouTube videos are viewed in the time it takes to read one sentence, you will definitely be interested in One Second on the Internet. This project, reminiscent of New York’s ‘national debt clock’, grows in numbers on the screen as the seconds wear on. Not only that, but visitors enjoy a graphical representation of several online activities, including Facebook likes, Reddit votes and Instagram uploads. And just when you thought you had come to the end of the page, there’s another linking to the number of emails per second.

According to the site, there are over eight hundred posts being made on Tumblr every second, over eleven thousand files being uploaded to cloud service Dropbox, and a whopping 1.67 million emails sent each second. The site doesn’t provide any further details about the latter, such as whether it accounts for all email, including spam and forwards. It also doesn’t answer whether any of the numbers stated include the ‘small’ amount of online communications that the NSA recently reported it only ‘touches’ on a daily basis.


Verizon Internet Service Joins Forces With Motorola For New Mobile Broadband Device Delivery

First responders across the nation will now be able to increase the quality of their response to emergencies, as well as be more efficient with their routine activities thank to a new mobile broadband device. The vehicle-based device is a modem which allows incredibly fast access to databases, as well as streaming video and photo to be delivered to responders. This allows them to obtain digital medical records, as well as send statistics about a patient’s vitals and video to waiting hospital personnel. This allows them to prepare for treatment before a patient even arrives.

The collaboration is a joint effort by two major American companies. Motorola Solutions, and Verizon internet service, both members of an initiative announced in 2011 are teaming up to enable connectivity for first responders, via both public safety LTE solutions and the 4G LTE network that Verizon provides. The device, called the VML 700 LTE Vehicle Modem R 1.1 will operate on both Verizon’s network and those networks dedicated to safety, such as FirstNet, which is authorized by Congress. This new device will allow many first responders to abandon their reliance on older legacy analog, digital technology and 3G wireless platforms for the more reliable 4G network.

Could Fiber Outlast Providers Like AT&T Internet Service?

Many are saying that traditional internet will soon be a thing of the past. And one of the reasons they are saying this is because of fiber. Fiber optic internet is the fastest type of readily-available internet service on today’s market. Its thin glass fibers and use of light to transfer data over long distances make it an incredibly tempting form of connection. But if you are considering another company, will fiber optic be the best choice for you? Some are saying that this internet type is the way of the future. After all, demand for content is rising, along with an increased need for bandwidth.

Some say that fiber is the only internet medium that will be able to handle the strains that this increased demand for content will put on companies like AT&T internet service. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that traditional internet companies will soon go extinct. After all, fiber optic internet cannot be made available to every community. As it stands currently, this internet type is very expensive to roll out, especially where it comes to sparsely-populated areas. And so until those areas have increased in population enough to make a major fiber rollout feasible, landline forms of internet may be the only solution.

Could Clear Wireless Internet Soon Be Sharing Spectrum With Military?

Increased pressure on federal agencies to ease their control on spectrum from the wireless industry, along with the Obama administration has resulted in a proposal by the United States military to share its radio airwaves with the private sector. A letter was released earlier this week by the Federal Communications Commission which contained the proposal. The letter stated that frequencies 1755 to 1780 megahertz were proposed for sharing with wireless providers and internet companies. This somewhat-unexpected announcement would involve a systems rearrangement by the military, as well as a compression of programs.

The reason why the United States military was holding on to its spectrum certainly makes sense. Spectrum is used by the military in order to operate drones and meet the ever-increasing demand for wireless technology. Regardless, companies like Clear Wireless internet will doubtless be celebrating this latest news, which will allow them to offer their services to a higher number of customers. Unfortuantely, there are still a number of unanswered questions with regard to the military’s proposal, including how the current proposal will affect future needs for more spectrum. As well, it remains unknown how long it will take for the military to remove any of its programs which currently occupy the frequencies it has agreed to clear.

DSL Providers Still Internet Arena Competitors

While many internet users may think that DSL providers may have become extinct, the truth is that they may be more popular than ever, even among heavy internet users. DSL internet is very capable of reaching speeds that are comparable to other land-based internet types like cable. And it’s reliability in inclement weather can’t be denied.

DSL internet also offers a high level of convenience to those wishing to install it, as it doesn’t require additional cables to be run into a home. All that’s needed is an existing phone line, and a customer can have internet almost immediately. Plus, the cost to obtain a DSL connection comes in under that of cable and fiber internet offerings. Some research is all it takes to determine whether or not DSL can be the internet type of choice for your household.

What Speeds Are Right For The Things You Do With Your ATT Uverse Connection?

With all of the packages being offered by ISPs these days, choosing the right one can get confusing. Companies like ATT Uverse offer a wide range of connection options, and which one you choose should be based on what you mainly use your connection for.  A recreational internet user – that is, one who uses their connection for watching streaming content or playing video games online will likely benefit most from a connection that offers 6 to fifteen Mbps.

Those who work from home may require a connection that offers more than 15 Mbps if they are engaging in video meetings with more than one device. More than 15 Mbps may also be required if there are multiple people living in the same household that use the internet connection for several different applications.