How Internet Providers Affect Your WoW Experience

MaNGOS is the server used by World Of Warcraft to power the rich and intensive gaming experience that millions around the world enjoy. It remains an education project and was created to help programmers everywhere to learn more about the C++ programming language.

Players of World Of Warcraft (also known as WoW) has several requirements for successful gameplay, one of which is a reliable internet connection. And unfortunately, dial-up just isn’t enough to handle the sophisticated nature of the game. “Lag” is the term used to describe a slow down or complete stoppage in game play and is the top most annoying phenomenon to occur among gamers.

Lag is especially frustrating to deal with during the playing of games such as WoW, which offer real-time action. One slowdown in your connection could mean the difference between victory and defeat.
Similarly, those looking to begin learning the C++ language will require significant system requirements in order to create and test-run code, although this may not involve having an internet connection. If a would-be programmer’s computer isn’t up to snuff with what the language requires, an upgrade might be called for.

As of March 2011, WoW had over 11 million players worldwide. If you want to be counted among them but your internet is slower than what you need, then your next step might be to start your search for internet providers that can offer you faster service where you live.

A popular and reputed gaming site strongly recommends that anyone wishing to play WoW have an internet connection like DSL or cable. This is because a connection of this type rarely experiences the dropped signals that can cause lag, because it is a dedicated connection.

Fiber optic is another viable choice, and may be the most useful in this scenario, as data travels this connection at the speed of light. It is also a dedicated connection, but unlike cable and DSL, is completely devoted to an internet connection alone, and not television or phone like other types.

Whichever internet type you choose, keep in mind that you can conduct and complete your entire search, simply by using an online comparison shopping guide for internet providers.

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