Get the Most Out of Your Smart Phone – How to Organize and Synch Your Life With Wireless Internet

Technology is truly remarkable and nothing proves this point better than the options we have available to incorporate numerous technologies together. If you have a smart phone and high speed internet like wireless internet, then you can now ensure that everything you need is available no matter where you are.

Many people couldn’t function without their calendars. These calendars keep us up to date on tasks to be completed, events we need to attend and important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. But what happens when you don’t notice a reminder that’s coming up? By synching the data on your phone to your computer, you’ll never have this problem again.

It’s a very simple process. You start by choosing an online calendar that’s able to be accessed by numerous devices. Google calendar is one example and it works flawlessly for those who utilize their email counterpart, GMail. Simply add events to your calendar via your phone or computer and they’ll instantly be updated on the other device. You’ll no longer worry that you’re missing an event just because you don’t have access to your computer or to your phone.

People used to have phone numbers memorized but now that most people primarily use cell phones, many don’t even know their own phone number. Having an address book in your phone is a huge convenience, as you can dial someone in a matter of moments without having to sift through pages of numbers. But what happens when your phone isn’t charged and you need to use another phone? Or if you lose your phone altogether?

The answer is a synched contact list. All your phone contacts, including email, phone number, address, birthday and more, can be backed up daily without you having to do a thing. Once again, GMail comes to the rescue. If you follow their instructions to synch your contact list, you’ll always be able to click a single link called Contacts and you can instantly see all your information from any device that’s able to access GMail.

DVRs are another example of the advances of technology, as they allow you record any show you want. In the past few years they’ve become even more convenient as you no longer even have to program them from the TV. If you have wireless internet like Clear Wireless Internet, you could realize at the coffee shop that you’d forgotten to record your favorite program and simply log on and set it to record. You can also utilize apps for your phone that allow you to the do the same.

In some areas, people have access to a super fast 4G cellular connection that enables their smart phone to work at truly impressive speeds. If you’re not one of the lucky ones, but you do have a wireless home network, you can simply use your home network to get a high speed internet connection on your phone. Go to your phones “Setting” menu, turn on WiFi and select your network. In a matter of seconds you’ll be surfing at super fast speeds.

These technologies allow us to keep organized, to stay in contact and to relax without worrying about losing our phones or losing someone’s phone number. As newer technologies become available, expect to stay even more connected and enjoy even more convenience in your day to day life.

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