The Evolution Of A Small Phone Company Into A Major Internet Service Provider

It really wasn’t very long ago that “Ma Bell” or the Bell Telephone Company was the top choice of big business. This very large communications provider eventually became a monopoly that was the sole provider of telephone service to customers in both the USA and Canada. Bell eventually changed its company name to AT&T and this lasted through 1984. But in that year, the United States Dept of Justice broke the company up into several smaller companies.

Now, almost thirty years later, the entire telecommunications business is no longer just providing telephone lines for homes and businesses. Now, internet service and wireless connections are these companies’ biggest growth areas. In fact, the large number of different phone companies which were created in 1984 has evolved into the companies providing internet of all kinds today. Two of the biggest, Verizon and AT&T internet service have become leaders in the industry. It really is amazing when we think about how far things have come since 1984.


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