The DVR – How Its Many Advantages Have Changed The Way Customers Watch TV

When you look back over the last 20 years, it can be shocking to see how much TV has changed. Back in the 80s, the VCR was the latest technology. Video cassettes afforded us the opportunity to record shows for later viewing. The next innovation, the DVD player, simply expanded on this technology using digital means. But over the past few years, the DVR has come onto the scene. The DVR is actually a computer with which several shows can be instantly recorded. A DVR allows you to record several shows at once. It also allows you to watch one show as you record others, and lets you schedule upcoming recordings weeks or even months in advance. One of the greatest benefits, however, is the instant replay. Using computer technology, the DVR allows you to pause, fast forward and rewind a show segment, and all with a simple touch of a remote. And now, wireless technology allows you to program your DVR using your smart phone.

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