VOIP Explained

VOIP, or voice-over protocol technology, is one of the greatest technologies of our time. One of VOIP’s best benefits is the ability for a phone call to be made at the same time as one is online. VOIP also offer serious cost savings compared to traditional analog telephone services. The technology breaks a phone call into digital packets, which are then transferred over the broadband network and then reassembled at the destination. This means that the person at the other end is able to hear the message. Because the technology has matured, consumers are now able to eliminate their landline phones in favor of more cost-effective VOIP. This is especially beneficial for those who engage in frequent international calling.

Phone calls can either be made directly from a PC with a microphone, or you can get an IP telephone to make phone calls like you would with a landline. You can also use your existing phone by buying an analog telephone adapter that connects right to your phone line and modem.


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