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Are You Spending Too Much Time Online? Researchers Try And Find Out

Internet addiction may be the next disorder to be studied by scientists. “Internet use disorder” will appear in the next edition of the DSM, or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders. The new inclusion wasn’t added on a whim, however; it was only after months of study and debate that the disorder was finally added.

Many internet users have reported feeling as though they were under the power of a drug when online with internet providers in my area. In addition, there has been much evidence to suggest a feasible link between depression and the use of social media sites. So how do you identify whether or not you have an internet addiction? Ask yourself whether your internet use is interfering in your personal or work life.

The Benefits Of Hacktivism

Hacktivism, or a hacker motivated by social and political happenings, has gotten a bad reputation over the years. But those involved with stopping cyber crime see hacktivists as a major benefit. That’s because their technical knowledge is perceived as being valuable, and more feasibly applied to something that benefits society.

Indeed, hacktivists are already changing the way we communicate. Corporations use them to identify system or Internet Service Providers Milwaukee weaknesses, which tells upper management that more work is needed to make their systems adequately secure.

But it can be difficult to convince a young hacker that their talents are better applied to the benefit of a company or community when there are groups like Anonymous whose exploits are shared with the world. Sometimes, the thrill of a successful exploit is worth more than a hefty paycheck.

How One Person Turned a Free Blog into a Best Selling Book and a Major Motion Picture!

Have you ever considered writing a blog for fun?  Many people who have started out this way have been discovered by huge audiences that have become fascinated with what they have to say.  For instance, Julie Powell decided to try cooking all 524 recipes found in Julia Child’s cookbook. She gave herself a one year deadline and documented each recipe, which she prepared in her tiny apartment kitchen in New York, on her blog.  Not only did she gain readers by the thousands, but she also ended up with a best selling book — which was made into a major motion picture! Today she is a frequent guest on various television shows all over the dial.  Julie’s odyssey began a simple idea and a free blog. Perhaps you have some ideas kicking around in your head, too!  It doesn’t matter where you live – at least one broadband technology can get you connected.  Check out internet providers in your city — whether you have access to satellite internet, wireless internet, DSL, cable, or fiber optics.

Making Money on the Internet – Commenting on Other People’s Blogs is a Great Way to Attract New Readers to Your Blog

If you live out in a rural area, sometimes it’s challenging to make some extra spending cash.  But using your satellite internet connection can be a great way to make money.  Perhaps you have started a blog that you are very pleased with.  The only problem is, you have very few readers.  That is a common problem but these days it is much easier to get new readers than it ever has been before.  There are several ways to attract new readers, but let’s just look at the easiest way — to find other blogs that have subjects similar to yours.  Once you do this, you should begin posting comments that include a link back to your blog. Just remember that your comments should be constructive and well thought out — they should not merely be an ad for your site.  If you make informative comments that contribute to the subject matter in a positive way, the blogger will welcome your comments and other people who read them will follow you to your blog because they will want to find out what more you have to say.